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About Us

AKS Profil has been providing solutions to your projects with high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping centers, cinemas, conference rooms and airports since 2000. We are extremely care for the investments of our customers to their corporate identities. Our profiles and supporting accessory products, which we produce in different colors and varieties, are also supporting the investments and the corporate brands. The real architect of the success is you, we achieved together with our esteemed clients, who prefer us. The main vision of AKS Profil is the unconditional customer satisfaction and to find permanent solutions with the delivery time for the projects.


We care about the different demands of our customers with our flexible company structure and we provide products services and solutions with our leading and creative options with different products to meet the requirements of our clients and to add value to their life quality.


AKS Profil aimed to provide high-level quality standard for each product we produce together with the high-level service policy in accordance with national and international quality standards. All the products we produce in accordance with CE standards and does not compromise the continuous control mechanism.

We produce our products by supplying raw materials suitable for human and environmental health. Wall protection barriers, handrails, impact barriers, PVC skirtings, expansion joints and other accessories are our own production.